tips to eliminate the mystery...

Things you may not know

   You don't need to understand the Internet.

  The cost for keeping your site up can be as little as $20.00 per month.

  Registering your domain name is easy and it only costs $35.00 per year.    

Planning for the future

  Advance planning for future growth is of utmost importance.

  You don't need to know all the details at the beginning stages, but you should envision the future     of your company and the possible impact on your web site.

  An example would be to include e-commerce as a future consideration.

Legal Issues

  Copyright your site and make sure you protect your trademark/service mark by inserting the appropriate symbol.

  Provide legal notices and/or a limitations and liabilities statement.

  If you are providing e-commerce capabilities, make sure you meet FTC  requirements.

Developer Business Knowledge

  Developer should have a working knowledge of your business or business category.

  Focus on marketing is extremely important.

  Understand search engines and how each work.

  Help with promotion opportunities.

  Informed about competitor's impact and how to maximize your opportunities.     


Get a feel as to what costs what.

As with buying anything, it is helpful to know the individual or at least the component costs. 
For example, you wouldn't want to scrimp on e-commerce because you spent your budget on graphics.


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