we eliminate the mystery at affordable prices...

The days of web site pricing being exorbitant are over and creating/maintaining a web site is considerably easier and certainly affordable.

Because costs have become so reasonable, your website can even be short term such as for a charitable event, a wedding or another special occasion. 

Pictures from digital cameras and scanners make it easy to make your site attractive and reinforce your text without spending money on graphics.   

Web sites are one of the few advertising vehicles where your potential consumers can interact with you.  We can show you how to place a form to gather feedback, receive personalized information, schedule an appointment and many other possibilities.

Sometimes you can only get so far and need some help.  FIFTY-FIFTY Marketing Partners will work with you to solve your problems, provide design and creative ideas and share marketing expertise.  In addition, we can recommend companies to help you in promoting your site. 

We have some creative ideas regarding e-commerce, search engine optimization, and link exchange to help in promoting your site and generating revenue. 

We specialize in small business sites helping them to look bigger on the internet.  We charge by the hour and don't "nickel and dime" our clients.  In addition to web design, search engine consulting, internet advertising, graphics, marketing and training are our specialties.  

We will develop a plan for your website and either train you to do it yourself, develop the site for you or a little bit of both.