M0001.....Marine HARRIER aviator’s shoulder patch with “stack” of 3 AV-8Bs on white rectangle


M0002.....”HARRIER, The Street Fighter” Black figure of AV-8B in flight above city streets on rectangle


M0003.....Marine HORNET Test Team, NATC, Pax River, F/A-18 & Strike Directorate’s white lighting bolt on scarlet disc


M0004.....VMFA-312 Checkerboards/U.S.S THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71) centurion with black/white tailhook & ice cream cone/blue oval


M0005.....Marine F/A-18 HORNET, “Someone under 30 You Can Trust” HORNET driver’s shoulder patch - No squadron designation


M0006.....U.S.M.C. AV-8B HARRIER II, “Close Air Support” Shoulder disk, Upper plan view of AV-8B on silver metallic bordered, black disk


M0007…."Night Attack Hornet" Flight suit patch.  Head-on view of F/A-18D at low altitude in night sky.


M0008…75th Anniversary of Marine Aviation Commemorative; F-4U, eagle, globe & anchor & aviator's wings on khaki rectangle


M0010…"More Sting for the Wing," Latest F/A-18E & F design w/figure of caped hornet on white disk


M0011…11th Marine Amphibious Unit, “The Pride of the Pacific,” Winged E, G & A, w/ship’s anchor & tommy gun on red 11, blue disk.  

M0012…13th Marine Expeditionary Unit; Eagle clutching banner over M-16 & lightning bolt on gold rope bordered blue disk.   $7.00
M0013…22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit; Red shield w/E, G & A on white trident, sword & gold lightning bolt on blue disk; Red tabs top & bottom.  $7.50
M0014…31st Marine Expeditionary Unit; Eagle, gold lightning bolt & anchor on black bordered scarlet 4 In. disk.   $7.00
M0015…II Marine Expeditionary Force; Gold E, G & A centered on scarlet disk with wide black & gold border with Roman numeral II.  $7.00
M0016…III Marine Expeditionary Force; Same design as M0015, but with Roman numeral III $7.00
M0017…V Marine Expeditionary Force: Same design as M0015, but with Roman numeral V.  $7.00

M0018…VMAQ-1 Banshees aircraft patch; Black diamond w/red-haired EA-6B hurling HARM missile; 4 In.  

M0019…VMAQ-1 Banshees Prowler patch; Black-bordered shield w/panther carrying HARM missile on cloud in night sky.   $7.50
M0022…MCALF, Bogue Fire Rescue; Fire breathing green dragon below fire department badge on black bordered disk.  $7.00
M0023…MCAS, Cherry Point; Fire Rescue; Fire fighter attacking fire below black ram’s head on blue disk $7.00
M0024…1st Anglico; Dard red & blue quartered shield with E,G&A & Navy officer’s crest above aircraft, ship & Parachute.   $7.50
M0025…Marine STATS; Crossbow launching aircraft on red/orange & white disk.  $7.00