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We will be glad to purchase any back issues of  THE HOOK, NAVAL AVIATION NEWS and APPROACH magazines and other works containing squadron histories, insignia illustrations, particular those in color, or related information.

GOLDEN WINGS is always willing to purchase collections of insignia, flight gear and similar items that you have for sale, all or in part.  

If you or someone you know has such items they wish to sell, please send us an email to gwe@airmail.net  We will give you a fair price for all items.  

Golden Wings Enterprises is a proud member of the following organizations:

Texas Militaria Collectors Association (TMCA)
American Society of Military Insignia Collectors (ASMIC)
Association of Naval Aviation (ANA)
Air Force Association (AFA)
Tailhook Association
A-4 Skyhawk Association
Marine Corps Aviation Association (MCAA)

The history of the United States Navy and Marine Corps is rich in traditions, service and accomplishments that trace their beginnings to 1911.  From World War I through the Golden Age of the 1930s 

to World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Operations Desert Storm and Desert Fox, the aviators of the Navy and Marines have compiled a record that is matched by but a few and exceeded by none.  Their
unit colors hang heavy with battle streamers, campaign ribbons and awards that trace history from the bloody skies above and the bloody battlefields of the First World War to the sands of Iraq; from
the steaming jungles of the Solomons to the vast blue waters of the Pacific; from the alternately freezing and broiling ridges of Korea; the Highlands and jungles of Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf.
The CD ROM collection and the units listed in our catalog and their insignia, serve as signposts along the paths of history.  Golden Wings Enterprises is pleased to make these and hundreds more of these historic and  insignia available to the collector.

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