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Golden Wings has been in business for more than ten years.  During that time, we have come to enjoy a reputation as the best source for Navy and Marine Corps aviation insignia, ranging from squadron from those that date Naval Aviation's so-called "Golden Age" of the 1930s to the present day.  Included among our standard stock items are more than 1,000 examples of official and unofficial squadron insignia, air stations, cruise patches, aircraft carriers, aircraft-type patches, centurions, wings, etc.

 Having all of these wonderful examples of squadron insignia seemed to speak to us about their history and lineage, begging to be told.  Our answer was to create a comprehensive and colorful book in a new and innovative way, CD ROM.  Take a peek at several of the over 400 pages in United States Marine Corps Aviation Squadron Lineage, Insignia and History, Volume I - The Fighter Squadron, VMF, VMF(N), VMF(AM), VMFA & VMFA(AW).  This is the first in a series Golden Wings will be publishing in the next year. 
We also stock an extensive selection of unique, non-standard items dating from all periods.  These items range from rare and unusual navy rating badges to Army Air Force/Air Force items dating from World War II and Korea and vintage flight jackets.  These items change constantly as we add additional items to replace those sold, and there are more than 300 of these items in stock at all times.
Should you be looking for a custom insignia design made to your specifications or a ship or unit ball cap embroidered to your specifications, we can supply these items to you.

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