Specialty Items 

Navy Chief Aviation Pilot Rating Badge for summer white uniform worn from 1942 through 1948.   $49.50

Marine Corps League patch custom made by Golden Wings for League Chapter in Terre Haute, IN.  Sample only, not for sale.

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V  Marine Amphibious Corps, 1944 – 1945, wool felt background.   $10.00

Chief Quartermaster Rating Badge, a rare example of an experimental rating device dating from 1924 – 1927, with gold embroidered eagle & ship’s wheel with appliqué chevrons.   $89.50

USAAF 19th Fighter Squadron, World War II, 4 ½ In, fully embroidered.      $79.50

USAF 12th Bomb Group (Light), Korean War, 5 ½ In. in height, design embroidered on gray twill.   $74.50

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U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Insignia, 1941-1946 U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Chronology 1912-1954
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Insignia Plaques

We are proud to announce a great new product.  These are a line of insignia plaques.  They are NOT the usual, small reproduction of the insignia centered on a wooden plaque.  The insignia is reproduced in full color to cover the full face of a wooden plaque that averages 10 -12 inches or larger.  The plaque is then sealer in a clear gloss acrylic.  The quality of reproduction is such that the individual stitches in the embroidered insignia can be seen!  Any insignia in stock can be reproduced on these plaques, but if we don’t have the design in stock, just send your original to us to use and return with your completed plaque.  Believe us when we say you have never seen anything superior to  these.  They are the finest available.  When ordering, please remember that these are custom items.  Please allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery.  Order yours today.  We promise you will not be disappointed.

These are priced at $29.95 each.  Should you want an engraved brass plate added with up to three (3) lines of engraving, add $6.00

Naval Aviation Wings

These are the current issue, gold washed wings available for aviator, naval flight officer & aircrew, still in the manufacturer’s original box at $9.00 each.  Specify type when ordering.


Flight Suit/Flight Jacket Name Tags

Aviator’s wings/name tags for cloth flight suits or flight jackets.  Available in both service or squadron colors, e.g., Navy - gold on blue; Marine Corps - gold on scarlet or U.S. Coast Guard gold on white with orange & blue stripes or squadron’s colors, e.g., VF-114 Aardvarks, orange on black.  Available with no name or squadron designation at $5.00 each or with rank, name and squadron (2 lines) at $8.50 each.  Velcro backing - add $0.75 per name tag.  Please allow 30 days for delivery of custom embroidered items.

Also available in leather with appropriate wings, name & rank/rate embossed in gold leaf. $11.00 each

Insignia Trading Cards Sets  

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These are printed on heavy white card stock and are the same size as sports trading cards.  On the front side is a full-color illustration of a unit insignia and on the back is a brief unit history.  These are limited edition sets in that only a specific number of each were printed, and when these are sold out, no more will be printed.  Mounted in albums, these make an excellent display or quick reference.

CD0001 Navy Fighter Squadrons -- approximately 50 cards $8.00
CD0002 United States Marine Corps, WW II to current --approximately 60 cards $8.00
CD0003 U.S. Navy Attack Squadrons (VA) -- approximately 45 cards $8.00
CD0004 U.S. Submarines  (WW II) -- approximately 30 cards $8.00
CD0005 U.S.A.A.F. WW II Bomb Squadrons & Groups -- approximately 35 cards $8.00

 U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Insignia, 1941-1946

Jeff Millstein’s long awaited work on Marine Aviation insignia of the World War II period.  128 pages with a color illustration of virtually all Marine aviation insignia of the period.  Notes on the artist who drew the original design and the materials and construction of each “issue” of the insignia.  An excellent reference on the subject.

$34.95 Each + $3.50 per book shipping & handling via Priority Mail for a total of $38.45 per book.

 U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Chronology 1912-1954

Brief chronology of Marine Aviation during those years published under the auspices of the Marine Corps Aviation Association with many period photographs.  Brief biographies of many members of the MCAA.  Bound is scarlet leatherette with 4 In. embossed, gold leaf insignia of MCAA on front cover.

$39.95 Each + $3.50 per book shipping & handling via Priority Mail for a total of $43.45 per book.

 Flight Jackets

It’s that time of year again.  We are happy to make U.S.A.F. MA-1 & U.S.N./U.S.M.C. CWU-45P flight jackets available.  These are first quality jackets made by the manufacturer who has supplied more of these jackets to the U.S. armed forces than all others combined.  Both are available in Sage Green only in sizes Large & Extra Large, with the MA-1 also available in Tall.  The following prices and shipping & handling charges apply.



  • Size Large or X-Large, $74.95       
  • Size Large or X-Large, $79.95
  • Size Large Tall or X-Large Tall, $77.95

Shipping & handling, U.S., $5.00 & $3.00 each additional jacket per order.

Outside U.S. $10.00 & $5.00 each additional jacket per order

We also carry the Cooper Sportswear, Inc. G-1 goatskin leather and A-2 horsehide leather flight jackets.  Cooper was a contract supplier of these jackets to the U.S. government for many years, and their jackets are made to government specifications and are vastly superior to those currently being issued.  These are available via special order.  Please contact us for prices.

 Ship, Squadron & Unit Ball Caps

They’re back!  Finally, we have found a reliable supplier of these popular items.  Any armed service unit or station is available, but the cap colors available are limited to Navy blue or scarlet.  Embroidery can be in virtually any color.  The unit’s nickname is embroidered in an arc at the top front of the crown & the unit number in a straight line above the cap’s bill.  These are adjustable size, solid cloth caps.  (No cheap mesh backs)  For Navy & Marine Corps caps are identical to unit issue items.

These are custom items, so please allow 21 days for delivery. $24.95 ea. + $2.00 per cap for shipping.

Special Services

2nd Marine Division, World War II, embroidered on scarlet wool felt.   $10.50

Navy Enlisted Aviator’s sleeve specialty mark on black wool felt that was worn from 1937 to 1942.   $37.50


Special Order Services

GOLDEN WINGS is pleased to offer our Special Order Service for hard-to-find or “special” items.  If there is a particular item that is not listed in our catalog, we will be happy to try to obtain it for you through our many sources, such as other dealers, auctions or the many suppliers with whom we deal.  We also frequent exhibits and shows throughout the North Texas area, and we will be happy to do your searching for you.  Just contact us with an accurate description or, better yet, include a drawing or photocopy of the desired item and the price range you are willing to pay.  If we can obtain the item we will gladly purchase it and ship it to you.  The surcharge for this service is $7.00 per item for things such as individual insignia, including shipping and handling.  For larger items, such as flight helmets, jackets, etc., call 972-644-3008 or email for rates.  In either case, when we are able to obtain the requested item, a copy of the invoice indicating our costs will be included with the shipment.

Custom Order Services

We welcome orders for custom items for squadron/ship/unit reunions or other occasions.  The minimum order these items is 50 pieces.  The price our manufacturers charge varies by size, the number of items ordered and the size.  The cost for all custom orders is our cost plus $0.25 per piece, plus shipping, handling and insurance.  A copy of the invoice indicating our costs will be included with the merchandise.  Call 972-644-3008 or email  for details and cost estimates.

Wanted to Purchase

We will be glad to purchase any back issues of  THE HOOK, NAVAL AVIATION NEWS & APPROACH magazines and other works containing squadron histories, insignia illustrations, particular those in color, or related information.

GOLDEN WINGS is always willing to purchase collections of insignia, flight gear and similar items that you have for sale, all or in part.  If you or someone you know has such items they wish to sell, please contact us by mail or by telephone.  We will give you a fair price for all items.

Simply call 972-644-3008 for fastest delivery using a credit card


Reserve your copy via email today!
Use convenient mail order/fax form for credit cards and check

Shipping and Handling Notes:

1)   N/A = Not available, temporarily out of stock;

2)   Texas residents, please include appropriate sales taxes;

3)   Please allow two - three weeks for delivery;

4)   All orders will be shipped via First or Fourth Class mail, depending on weight, unless otherwise specified;

5)   Expedited shipping is via Priority Mail, at $3.00 per two pounds, in the U.S. and via Air Mail overseas;

6)   Orders paid by check will not be shipped until the check has cleared;

7)   All credit card orders (VISA, MASTER CHARGE & AMERICAN EXPRESS/OPTIMA accepted) MUST include card number, expiration date the card holder’s signature and telephone number and will be shipped as soon as credit as credit authorization has  been received;

8)   Please do not send cash;

9)   All orders, inquiries and suggestions are sincerely appreciated.  We are in business to serve you, our customers.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with any order or item of an order, it can be returned for a full refund.

10) All overseas orders under 1 pound are shipped via air mail, and those over one pound are shipped via surface mail unless otherwise specified, and must be paid by credit card.

11) If you call and we are not available, please leave your question, name, telephone number and time you wish us to return your call, and we will do so.


First Class Mail:    $ 1 .00 - $15.00 = $1.50
$16.00 - $50.00 = $3.00
$51.00 - $75.00 = $5.00
$76.00 & above = $6.00
Priority Mail: $3.50 for 1st pound & $2.00 for each additional pound (Continental U.S. ONLY)
Overseas Orders Except APO/FPO) Air Mail, 1st Pound $12.00 & $10.00 each additional pound; Surface Mail, 1st pound = $6.00 & $4.50 each additional pound  

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