Fishing Stories

Say hello to Jeff (the one with the big smile) and his buddy.  Jeff  caught  a 100 lb + catfish and it took both of them to haul it in.  Now Jeff is my nephew so he was using the Bullet Light to fish.  Wouldn't matter to me whether he was using my lure or not, this picture is just too good not to share with fellow fishing friends!

Send us your fishing story!

Email Gene with your fishing story and it may be added to our web site.  Send your story via email to and include the following details if available:

  • Type and size of fish

  • Where it was caught (lake, river, etc.)

  • What type of lure you used

  • Who caught the fish and who else was along

  • All other relevant details (and non relevant -- after all this a fish story!)

  • Attach a picture if possible.

  • Give permission for story and photo to be posted on the web site.

No guarantees about making it on the web site, but I do love to read a good fish story!

-  Gene Johnson       
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