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The Bullet Light Story  

I started playing with in-line lights around 1978. At that time I made one clear light and one red light that flashed. I tried it on Catfish and Crappie. That was before I became a Bass fisherman.

One day my patent attorney, Jim Dixon, and I were Crappie fishing at Lake Lavon in the shallows in a four foot boat called a Bass Buster. We were sitting about two feet away from each other. We found one small bush in three feet of water and started to fish. We were using minnows. 

I was using my red light and Jim had no light. I started catching crappie right away and Jim was catching nothing. I had caught 9 or 10 fish when Jim said he needed a light, so I gave him the clear one. I was still catching fish and Jim was catching nothing. We sat there about an hour on the same small bush. I was fishing on the right side of the bush with my red light and Jim was on the left side with the clear light, still catching nothing. Finally Jim said, "This light you gave me don't work". So I traded fishing poles with him to see if it made a difference. Jim started catching crappie and I was catching nothing. We caught over 40 crappie out of that small bush, but I think the fish were seeing the red light flashing from other places and coming over to see what it was. Fish are very curious and when they see something strange they will take a look. When they come over to take a look, they see the minnow and attack it.

In the last ten years, I started fishing for Bass with my friend Charlie Herman. He was strictly a Bass fisherman and got me started in the sport of Bass fishing. I, like a lot of you, used all kinds of spinner baits, jerk baits, and lures, but I didn't start catching any big Bass or a lot of Bass until I started using my in-line red flashing light. I have caught a lot of 5 to 7 lb. Bass and my wife has caught a lot of them too, as you can see in the pictures that we have in our web sight. You will also see me holding the biggest bass I ever caught, 10lb. 2oz. and you will see the biggest crappie that I ever caught, a 2 and ¾ lb and 14 and ¾ ins. long. All of which were caught on my in-line flashing red light. So do yourself a favor, increase your chances of catching more fish, and take a look at all of the web page to find out how you too can get a Bullet Light in-line flashing fishing lure!


Gene Johnson

   The Chronological History of the Bullet Light


1979 --  20 years ago, inventor, Gene Johnson, designed his own private lure.  While rudimentary, it caught fish! 

1979-1994 -- Over the next 15 years, Gene learned a tremendous amount about designing lures; making them durable, waterproof, and easy to use.  The most important, however, was the light had to be tinted red.  Gene tried a clear or white light, but did not receive near the positive results as with the red lighted lure.

1994 -- Continued testing product concept and enhancing the prototype.

1995 -- First prototype is designed as a jerk bait.   Putting it through its paces, Gene tries it out in Alaska.  Somewhat heavy and a little awkward it still managed to catch a lot of 20 lb. silver salmon.

1995-96 -- After success in Alaska, more enhancements were made: 
  • Two batteries used for longer life

  • Waterproofed

  • Refined the lure to use in fishing for bass, crappie and catfish in addition to those big silver salmon!

1997 --   First design of 2 port threaded assembly.  This breakthrough provided for:

  • Better waterproofing
  • Simplified turning the red light fish-attracter on and off


May, 1999 --  Gene uses the Bullet Light fishing lure and catches the largest black bass of his 20 year fishing career.
It is always a thrill to catch a 10 lb. bass, but to catch it using the lure on its debut, was an exhilarating experience.


A 10 lb. 2 oz Black Bass - Lake Fork, TX  May 1999 using the first Bullet Light in-line flashing light fishing lure.

Gene and Clotene Johnson fishing in Toledo Bend tournament catching fish using the Bullet Light prototype flashing in-line light fishing lure.



Click on the pictures below  to see larger photos
(all fish pictured were caught using the Bullet Light!)

genebigcrappie2.jpg (104139 bytes)

unlucky13.jpg (108556 bytes)


Gene with a 2.75 lb. crappie

A day's catch of crappie

Clotene caught 14 in an hour


 sydney few crappies.jpg (83972 bytes)


Now this is a stringer of fish

Sydney with some crappie

Getting ready for a fish fry!





Rotate head of lure CLOCKWISE until the light comes on.

Rotate head of lure COUNTER CLOCKWISE just far enough so the light goes off . It is recommended that you store the lures in this position to maintain a waterproof seal.



Unscrew the head of the lure from the tail. Removed old batteries and insert two new batteries (negative side towards light) into the battery compartment. Thread the head and the tail together until the O-ring seals the battery compartment.


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