how we eliminate the mystery...

FIFTY-FIFTY Marketing Partners has been designing and developing web sites for small businesses for over 5 years. We
believe there are 3 key ingredients necessary to creating a successful web site:

 Marketing -- a clear message as to the value they will receive by visiting your site.

 Creativity -- Clean, colorful sites receive the best results

 Computer Skills -- Basic skills are all that are necessary and we can teach you the tricks!

Now that many companies already have websites, FIFTY-FIFTY Marketing specializes in "make-overs" and training individuals to maintain and develop their own sites. We teach Front Page and Web Site Launch and Prep at a community college along with Introduction Into the Internet and many other computer classes.  We can help you in creating a new site, updating your current site or teaching you to be your own webmaster.

Below is are screen shots of sites created by FIFTY-FIFTY Marketing Partners.



It is easier than you think and very affordable to have a presence on the internet.  We have created corporate, product, shopping, services, wedding and artists sites.