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Sun Catchers are a delight in any window - talk about the ultimate in window dressing!

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Black, white and clear swirled baroque glass with borders within borders of red and diamond ice glass and a star bevel center. 14" x  14"


Crystal Tulip

4 surrounding bevels and centerpiece tulip bevel makes a great reflector of colors & light.  15" x  15"


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Climbing Flowers

Bright yellow flowers set in clear double hammered shimmering clear glass.   11" W x 18" H


Art Deco Flowers

Tightly ridged glass with iridescent and blue flowers.   9"W x 10 11"H


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Red Red Rose

Classic rose,  beautiful in a variety of colors: red, pink & yellow.  6" W  x  9" H


All Sun Catchers are framed and ready to hang.  If you would like to order one of the pieces above or receive a custom design estimate call:

(972) 727-6973 or email info@sgbydesign.com