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Sculptures are uniquely Stained Glass by Design.  

 Each one hand crafted and no two are exactly alike.

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Bird of Paradise

Bright yellow flowers on a branch.

8" L x  5" H



Purple Passion Flower

Delicate dark purple petals accented with bright green leaves.

6" High


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Pink Blossoms

Multiple flowers on long stems with a 'S' curved base.

7"H x 4"L x 3"W



Floating Daisy

Daisy caught in waving grass centered on a circular base.

7" H  x  5" W


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Peacock Fan 

Victoria Fan

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Variety of fans from colorful to delicate antique.

6"H x 9 1/2"W


Sculptures can be created with your color and glass selection.    If you would like to order one of the pieces above or receive a custom design estimate call:

(972) 727-6973 or email info@sgbydesign.com